Presentation Instructions

Instructions For Oral Presentations

  • For oral presentations, all presenters should be in the conference room and must report to the session chair no later than 10 minutes before the start of the session. The sessions chairs will be added to the above webpage within the next few days.
  • The length of oral presentations is 20 minutes, which must include time for Q&A. Hence, your presentation should last no longer than 17 minutes, to allow the audience at least 3 minutes for their questions. This is a hard deadline that will be enforced, so please practice and time your talk to meet this requirement.
  • A public laptop will be available in each conference room with MS PowerPoint installed. You can use either the public laptop (if so, bring your presentation on a memory stick), or your own laptop. There will be a 4-port display switcher to switch between laptops. To save time, presentations should be pre-loaded before the start of the session, hence the need for you to check in with your session chair in advance of the start of the session. If you have hardware questions about the conference room facilities or you have special needs (e.g., audio playback, a live Internet connection, etc.), please contact the Local Arrangements team via:

    Additional information

  • The connector type of the projector is VGA (aka, DE-15 or D-sub 15). While HDMI-to-VGA converters are available, this does not completely guarantee the HDMI output of your laptop computer works.
  • Detail of the public laptop computer is here. OS is Windows 10 with the latest updates. MS PowerPoint 2016 is installed. Adobe Reader is also available.

Instructions For Poster Presentations

  • The poster session will be held at the Cockle Bay Foyer. Delegates are requested to set up their posters and take them down as per the timings below as new posters are displayed every day. Velcro dots will be supplied when you register to attach your poster to the poster board. Pins securing posters are not effective as the poster boards are covered in a felt material. Please note that the Conference Managers or the venue will dispose of your poster if it is not removed by the specified time. 

    Poster Session 1: Monday 23 September,  Posters to be displayed from 2 pm till 6 pm.
    Poster Session 2: Tuesday 24 September,  Posters to be displayed from 11 am till 6 pm.
    Poster Session 3: Wednesday 25 September,  Posters to be displayed from 11 am till 5.30 pm.
  • Posters should be A0 Portrait size, printed in portrait mode (the poster board is 90 cm wide by 210 cm high, which translates to 35 inches wide by 83 inches high).
  • One of the co-authors must be present at the poster to interact with attendees during the assigned session. So that poster presenters can have a chance to see the other posters presented in their same session, it is permissible to leave your poster for short periods of time, but for no more than a total of 20 minutes. It is not necessary to be at the poster at other times during the conference.