ICDAR 2019 Awards


Best Paper Award

OS7-4: “PubLayNet: largest dataset ever for document layout analysis”

Xu Zhong, Jianbin Tang and Antonio Jimeno Yepes 




Best Paper Runner-Up Award

OS5-1: “An End-to-end Video Text Detector with Online Tracking”

Hongyuan Yu, Chengquan Zhang, Xuan Li, Junyu Han, Errui Ding and Liang Wang



Best Poster Award   

PS3-36: “Brno Mobile OCR Dataset”

Martin Kiss, Michael Hradis and Oldrich Kodym






Best Poster Runner-Up Award 

PS2-21: “CASIA-AHCDB: A Large-scale Chinese Ancient Handwritten Characters Database”

Yue Xu, Fei Yin, Da-Han  Wang et. Al






Best Student Paper Award               

OS8-3: “Content Extraction from Lecture Video via Speaker Action Classification based on Pose Information”

Fei Xu, Kenny Davila, Srirangaraj Setlur and Venu Govindaraju






Best Student Paper Runner-Up Award     

OS1-2: “Deep Network with Pixel-level Rectification and Robust Training for Handwriting Recognition”

Shanyu Xiao, Liangrui Peng, Ruijie Yan and Shengjin Wang